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Need help with that tough talk?

Avoiding tough conversations is exhausting. It's time to do something. Reach out to Dr. Majors—get the support and strategies you need to face it with confidence.

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Tailored Services: Effective Results

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Dr. Majors works with leaders to navigate challenging conversations with confidence and compassion. This personalized coaching journey guides leaders in mastering the art of leading with empathy, ensuring your communication fosters an environment of understanding and respect. By integrating grace into your leadership style, you'll learn how to inspire trust and inspire change, turning difficult discussions into opportunities for growth and connection.

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(G)race Equity® Organizational Assesments

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Aimed at reshaping your organization’s dynamics through the power of grace-centered communication. Dr. Majors works with your team to cultivate a culture that embraces diverse perspectives, encourages open dialogue, and fosters a sense of belonging for all. Through deep group reflection, training sessions, and strategic planning, Dr. Majors will guide your organization in embedding grace into its core values, leading to a healthier, supportive, and productive workplace environment.

Restorative Conflict Group & Individual Sessions

Designed to transform conflict into constructive dialogue, Dr. Majors offers tools and techniques for approaching disagreements with a mindset of reconciliation and growth. Focusing on healing and understanding, her coaching empowers individuals to mend bridges and build stronger relationships, rooted in mutual respect and grace. Under Dr. Majors' guidance, clients learn to navigate conflict with confidence, turning potential divisions into moments of connection and understanding.

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Inspirational Presentations and Keynotes

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Dr. Majors delivers a range of speaking engagements, all infused with the transformative power of grace and humor, ensuring an engaging and uplifting experience for every audience. Her dynamic keynotes and engaging workshops are designed to captivate, upift, and entertain audiences of all kinds. From corporate teams to community groups, Dr. Majors can design a presentation that is tailored to meet your group's unique needs, ensuring a customized and impactful experience for every audience.

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