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Restorative Conflict
Group and Individual Sessions

Designed to transform conflict into constructive dialogue, Dr. Majors offers tools and techniques for approaching disagreements with a mindset of reconciliation and growth. Focusing on healing and understanding, her coaching empowers individuals to mend bridges and build stronger relationships, rooted in mutual respect and grace. Under Dr. Majors' guidance, clients learn to navigate conflict with confidence, turning potential divisions into moments of connection and understanding.


Specialized support in restoring relationships and rebuilding trust after conflicts, offering guidance and interventions to heal wounds, foster reconciliation, and promote a renewed sense of collaboration and harmony within teams or organizations.


Experience personalized coaching tailored to leaders actively managing conflicts. Gain practical strategies in real-time to lead with grace and confidence, fostering constructive resolutions and team growth during challenging times.


Effective facilitation of challenging conversations across diverse perspectives, ensuring a respectful and productive dialogue that leads to mutual understanding and meaningful resolutions.


Personalized coaching sessions to develop effective conflict resolution skills, empowering individuals to navigate conflicts with empathy, clarity, and confidence for positive outcomes.

Why Choose Dr. Majors?


If you’re ready to change the way you view and handle conflict, Dr. Majors is here to lead the way. Whether you’re seeking to improve communication within your team, enhance your personal relationships, or simply grow in your ability to handle disagreements with grace, her coaching offers a path to meaningful change.

Discover the power of restorative conflict. Learn to navigate disagreements with confidence, empathy, and understanding, and witness how these moments can become catalysts for connection and growth.


Begin Your Journey Today

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