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Difficult Conversation Strategist

So, yes. I am Difficult Conversation Strategist.
I come with a deep understanding of workplace dynamics and conflict resolution.
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My Big Why

I believe our nation is in an existential crisis, and I am deeply concerned about our future. It's not only our differences that challenge us but also our reluctance to extend grace and connect through our shared humanity. Traditional DEI efforts have fallen short in fostering genuine dialogue and connection, leading to a cycle of hyper-vigilance, critique, and the misuse of terms within the DEI movement.

This urgent need for authentic dialogue and connection compelled me to transition from DEI consulting to embracing the pivotal role of a Difficult Conversation Strategist.

Through transformative dialogue, I strive to create spaces for grace-based conversations, catalyzing unity and healing in our society.

My Approach

As a Difficult Conversation Strategist, I am deeply committed to fostering grace-based dialogue for unity and healing. My approach emphasizes our shared humanity, promoting empathy, humility, and genuine openness to diverse perspectives.

I believe in creating inclusive spaces for authentic conversations, where active listening, mutual respect, and openness are key. Beyond traditional DEI strategies, I address the limitations of hyper-vigilance and critique, striving to cultivate environments where meaningful exchanges lead to unity, understanding, and positive change in organizations and society.

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My Passion

I'm fueled by a passion for genuine connection and understanding. I believe empathetic dialogue rooted in grace can heal divides and foster a unified, compassionate world.

I work to dismantle communication barriers and create spaces for respectful, open dialogue among diverse backgrounds. I empower others to engage courageously and compassionately in transformative conversations.

I advocate for shifting societal norms towards grace, empathy, and inclusivity, valuing deep listening, honest expression, and diverse perspectives for a harmonious future.

My Faves

Favorite TV Show: 
Ted Lasso

Favorite Movie:
Black Panther

My favorite Book:
The Alchemist

Favorite Recording Artist:
Jill Scott

My Superpower:
Inspiring people to think differently

Ideal Weekend:

Netflix and chill with my girls

Most Adventurous thing I've ever done:


My two girls: Tommi and Ghost

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