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Let us help you and your team learn how to better address racism by interrogating the system of racism instead of each other.

The concept of equity is synonymous with fairness and justice. It is helpful to think of equity as not simply a desired state of affairs or a lofty value. To be achieved and sustained, equity needs to be thought of as a structural and systemic concept.


To organizationally address race equity, inclusion and belonging, we focus on the following four areas:

  • Capacity Building – We recognize that creating and sustaining equity requires building an organization’s internal capacity to address and drive racial equity work. Building capacity involves widespread training, developing leaders and creating supportive infrastructure where real meaningful dialogue can be had. Our aim is to help staff gain awareness of their role in addressing racism, interrogate their own beliefs and gain a clear understanding of the systems and structures that perpetuate inequality.

  • Structures, Practices and Policies - Unless organizations closely analyze how they are structured, how they run and how they make decisions, they are likely to repeat harmful practices that perpetuate  inequities. We conduct assessments that give leaders the information and tools they need make the most equitable decisions. 

  • Leadership Development/Coaching – Institutionalizing race equity into any organization requires a leader who is fully committed and is willing to allocate the necessary resources to its success. More importantly, being able to lead an organization/team through this process requires ongoing self-reflection, grit and patience over the long haul.

  • Training – We approach training from the understanding that our ability to better confront issues of race is a function of our ability to critically assess our own realities and beliefs. Therefore we design trainings that provoke thoughtful introspection and dialogue.



We offer custom tailored presentations, trainings, workshops, and retreats that are available for your small or large group, and professional or community-based gatherings. Some of our topics include:

  • Racism and personal, interpersonal and organizational reflection
  • Race, narratives and story telling

  • Racism through an accountability lens

  • Having dialogue across racial lines

  • Listening and healing circles


We recognize that organizations are at different levels of readiness and capacity. Our customized assessment tools will analyze the demographics and degree of equity and inclusion competence of leaders, managers, employees and volunteers; overall culture of the organization including morale, conflict/tension, written and unwritten rules; common patterns of behaviors, attitudes, and feelings of members of privileged and marginalized groups; and common practices/results/impact including decision-making, communication, recruitment, retention, professional development, supervision, programs and services.

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