Michelle Majors is the CEO and Lead Strategist at Majors Leadership Group, a Seattle-based, national consulting firm dedicated to supporting organizations in solving their office culture, internal structure and equity challenges and exploring new models for success. 

With a Masters in Transformational Leadership and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Michelle uses a multi-disciplinary approach to help organizations transform beliefs, behaviors, practices, structures and cultural norms that prevent staff members from feeling like they are valued, they belong and they can be successful. Realizing that most often those who feel unvalued and that they don't belong are Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), Michelle's work deals specifically and strategically with issues related to race, racism and inequities that play out in a racialized way in the work place. 

Michelle's leading value is grace. She stands firmly in the belief that the system of racism in its brilliant design was thrust upon all of us. It is a toxic system, that we are ALL poisoned by. None of us created it, but we are charged with transforming it.

The murder of George Floyd - may he rest in peace - has created an awakening and a shift that has many white leaders, activists, allies and community members beginning to unify and disavow themselves from the poison that is racism. Michelle's role is to create space for white organizational leaders to grapple with the historical (and current) inequities, burdens and harm placed on their BIPOC staff - and give them the tools to transform themselves, as well as their organizations, in a meaningful and sustainable way. Leading with grace allows leaders to listen and make the changes necessary to transform their organizations. When we give each other grace, we can make mistakes, take more risks, be more vulnerable and most of all, restore ourselves and each other after mistakes are made. 


While working with staff members and middle management is important in order to gain an understanding of the challenges within the organization, Michelle's focus is on the leaders and their ability to do their heart-centered personal development work, while incorporating head-centered organizational structures and strategies. 

She enjoys working with:

  • Leaders who are looking to transform their organizational culture

  • Leaders and managers who want to communicate better with their teams

  • Post-conflict restoration and healing

  • DEI teams who are leading the work of race equity in their organizations

She enjoys doing the work of:

  • Conducting organizational race equity audits to help leadership teams understand barriers and strengths

  • Helping organizations create and build affinity groups

  • Facilitating trainings, workshops, keynotes, panel discussions and other information sharing opportunities

  • Creating strategic culture shifting initiatives​

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