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Michelle Majors is the CEO of Majors Leadership Group, a Seattle-based, national consulting firm dedicated to supporting organizations in solving their office culture, internal structure and equity challenges through the lens of grace. Michelle's guiding value is grace. She stands firmly on the belief that the system of racism in its brilliant design was thrust upon all of us. It is a toxic system, that we are all poisoned by. None of us created it, but we are charged with transforming it. To this end Michelle prioritizes relationship-building, deep listening and human connection to design eff­ective strategies for integrating values of equity into organizational practices, structures and culture.

Michelle received her Masters Degree in Transformational Leadership from Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry. She then earned her Doctorate, again from Seattle University.  Michelle has developed a strong reputation for guiding grace-based DEI initiatives and movements. This means that the focus moves away from complex technical terms and concepts, to basic human values and stories.


I do this work because I still believe in the possibilities of humanity. As a Black woman, I am not impervious to racism, bigotry and all the pain that we see inflicted on people of color and other folks from marginalized groups. I cry. I hurt. However, I believe that there are more of us wanting and trying to make this world a better place. We just don't know how to tear down the walls and 'see' one another.


My work is to create spaces that facilitate real dialogue as real people. Not as a Black person, or someone who identifies as a woman, or queer, or disabled, but as real people with real stories that make us who we are. In my decades of experience I have found that the only thing that has ever opened people up to this real dialogue, is grace. Grace to be seen, heard and valued as our true selves. With this kind of grace present, we can now talk more honestly about racism.

I work with leaders who are actively engaged in the work of antiracism and oppression in their organizations. Actively, not symbolically, seeking out ways to be more responsive and resilient in the work of equity. The kind of leader I work with leans in to the challenges that come an organizational equity movement.


You can expect me to be real, challenging and gracious. You can expect the process of working with me to push people beyond their current comfort, to reimagine what an equitable organization looks like, and likely to make some courageous decisions.

are you interested in working with dr. majors?

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