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At wakeUPgirl, Dr. Majors believes in a no nonsense, self accountability approach to breakup recovery and healing. Her position is that only until we take FULL accountability for our past can we move beyond the hurt and pain and take true ownership of our future.  Michelle is highly trained in Pastoral Care skills from Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry where she earned her Masters in Transformational Leadership. Her Doctorate, also from Seattle University, concentrated on Adolescent Leadership Formation to support her work with leadership development of Black girls and teens. Whether working with teen girls or adult women moving through a breakup, her core message is always centered on taking ownership of one’s own behavior, perspective and power.


Choose from anyone of these headshots to add to your marketing materials.

(G)race Equity

Learn to let go of the past and move ahead in life by changing interpretations of negative experiences and creating a new empowering context of life.

Women of Color in Leadership

Using concepts from the movie
“The Wiz”, women will challenge themselves to began to use their  minds, hearts and courage and eventually find home.

Leading Through the Storm

A broad range of high powered workshops for girls and teens to discover their power and develop self esteem, confidence and leadership skills.




One-hour Webinar

Just let Michelle know the topic and she will be ready engage your listeners in an insightful, funny and transformational conversation via phone, zoom, skype or whatever your platform is.

$1500 (+travel/accommodations)

Three-hour max

Whether you need a training, facilitation or a sister circle group, Michelle will work with you to design a 3-hour event sure to bring values and inspiration to your group.

$3500 (+travel/accommodations)

Full-day Session

Ideal package for a women's conference, retreat or full day experiential event for women. 

$8500 (+travel/accommodations)

Two-Day Women's Healing Retreat

Michelle will work with you to lead two days of programs, reflection and healing exercises in a nurturing, supportive sacred space.

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